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Find out how our team can best serve you

A subspecialty of pathology for the skin

Our board-certified team of dermatopathologists carefully examine the skin under a microscope with your dermatologist and clinicians to identify any abnormalities.

Our experts work together to diagnose melanoma and other skin diseases. Our physicians examine biopsies and more to provide our partners with the most accurate and timely results. 

A subspecialty for disorders of the blood, bone marrow, and lymph nodes. 

With careful analysis, our board-certified hematopathologists perform appropriate ancillary testing, examine blood and bone marrow in order to diagnose underlying anemias, leukemia, and lymphoma among others.

Our pathologists report on anemia, lymphoma, leukemia, and more. Our experts treat every specimen with care in order to provide each patient with a personalized diagnosis. 

Women's Health
a subspecialty designed for enhancing women's health 


Women's health pathology not only involves pap smear analysis and STI screening but also plays a crucial role in identifying breast cancer or other potentially life-threatening diseases. KWB is here to help. 

Our expert pathologists provide accurate and timely diagnoses to our women's healthcare providers. At KWB, we promise to deliver the most comprehensive diagnoses  to your physician.

Gastrointestinal Pathology
a subspecialty for diseases of the digestive system

From routine colonoscopies to evaluations for gastritis and reflux, KWB's specialty-trained pathology team is here to help. Our experts work hard daily to provide you with the most timely results.

Our expert pathologists and state-of-the art laboratory technology help our pathologists identify gastrointestinal issues such as colorectal cancer and celiac disease. 

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