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Billing Information

Why am I receiving a bill from KWB Pathology Associates?

Your healthcare provider collected a specimen during a recent office visit, procedure or surgery and has chosen KWB Pathology Associates to provide a pathology diagnosis on that specimen. Our services also include oversight of the hospital laboratory which may include blood test related to your hospital stay or surgery. Our services are billed separately from your healthcare provider or hospital bill.

I never saw the doctor listed on the bill.

The doctors at KWB Pathology Associates do not see patients directly. Our doctors are experts at examining specimens under the microscope to detect abnormalities such as cancer. Your healthcare provider has entrusted the doctors at KWB Pathology Associates to provide an accurate diagnosis.

How does the billing process work?

As a courtesy, KWB Pathology Associates files a claim to your insurance company. We work with your insurance company to provide all the necessary information to receive payment from them, on your behalf.

  • KWB Pathology Associates is an in-network provider with most major insurance companies in our area.

  • Your insurance company will pay KWB Pathology Associates directly in accordance with your insurance network benefits.

  • Your insurance company will send you an EOB (Explanation of benefits). Remember, an EOB is NOT a bill.

  • The EOB shows the gross charge amount for our services, the payment applied to such charges, and any remaining responsibility you may have (which may include applicable co-pays, co- insurance or deductible remaining).

  • KWB Pathology Associates will send you an invoice listing any remaining balance that is your responsibility according to your insurance company..

  • You may also receive a bill if your insurance company has denied the claim made on your behalf and the balance is your responsibility. You may want to call your insurance company to find out why they denied the claim.

  • You may also receive a bill if we were not provided your current insurance information from your provider.

  • If you are uninsured, we may be able to provide you with discounted rates for our services.

  • If you cannot pay the full amount owed, we will be happy to work with you on a payment plan.

If you have any other questions, please call our Billing Department at (850) 877-6704. We will be happy to assist you!

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