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QA Reports

KWB is committed to quality improvement in both the laboratory environment and in overall patient care, so we maintain detailed electronic records about each specimen that is processed in our labs. 

We use this data to provide your practice with supplemental reports to improve laboratory interactions and medical outcomes. Whether routine or on-request, statistical and detailed data is made available to your practice for specimens you submit to us.

Examples of available QA Reports include:

  • Case Listing - detail of all specimens with their diagnosis

  • Quality Indicators - detail of cases with issues that may impact processing

  • Diagnosis Breakdown - detail of cases by diagnosis of interest

  • Cytology Ancillary Testing Log - detail of cases sent for ancillary testing

  • Cytology Abnormal Follow-Up - detail of abnormal cases without a timely follow-up

  • Cytology Referring Physician Summary - statistical summary of case results

Experts in Pathology for Physicians

Experts in Pathology

KWB is your local, physician-owned pathology group with a main laboratory located in Tallahassee and a satellite office in Panama City. Our 9 pathologists cover a range of sub specialties including: Derm, GI, Surgical, Heme-path, Gyn/Onc, FNA, and Cytopathology. Our friendly, professional couriers provide delivery of supplies/reports and daily specimen pickup across North Florida, spanning from Fort Walton Beach and Niceville to Macclenny and Gainesville.

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