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Who Do I Call?

Please see below for phone number directory

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Learn how to get in touch with both of our two convenient locations!

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Who Do I Call?

For patients, requisition requests, vendors, specimen information, and more. 

Financial Reports

Billing Department

For patient billing, call (850) 877-6704

For group bill questions or client billing, please call (850) 219-7641

Technology Class

Accessioning Department

For slide or block requests/ questions, tissue request, etc. from labs or healthcare providers, please contact (850) 219-7671 or fax request to (850) 219-7692

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Histology Questions

Please contact (850) 219-7636

Cleaning Tire

Courier Department

For specimen pickup

Main: (850) 219-7610

STAT/ Frozen: (850) 508- 8537

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Cytology Department

For pap, HPV, gonorrhea/chlamydia, urine cytology, fine needle aspiration, and more call (850) 219-7667 or (850) 219-7665

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After Hours

For after hours or pathologist on-call, please contact (850) 877-5915

Laboratory Scientist

 Healthcare Providers

General questions from healthcare providers please contact (850) 219-7608

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Supply/ Requisition Request

For pathology report results or corrections for healthcare providers, please call (850) 219-7684 or fax request to (850) 219-7692

Person smiling with a laptop

Vendor bills or questions

Please call (850) 219-7625

If our phone lines are down:

*Please email us at if you need anything and we will call you back. 

**Specimen Pickups- please call 850-508-8537.

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